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Our company is dedicated to extensive research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of energy production.

We specialize in creating innovative solutions related to hydrogen, e-fuels, and advanced solar systems with the aim of implementing autonomous heating, cooling, and energy production for self-sufficient communities and individuals.

Our mission is to drive the transition towards a sustainable and independent future by providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective energy solutions.

Multifuel supercharged 2 stroke engine

Engine runs with liquid or gazeous fuels and e-fuels: ethanol, methanol, ammonia, LPG, LNG, methane, propane, gasoline.

Neso Power single engine generates 7 kW.

Neso Power twin engine generate 14 kW.

Neso Power can be used to power all cooling and heating solutions with the cheapest fuel available depending on your geographical location.
We empower heat pumps. Save up to 50-60% on your electricity bills.

“I believe that energy, not the dollar, is the currency of the world. It is the joule that drives every economy and gives people a way out of poverty.” Nathan Lewis, Caltech

“GAME CHANGER” Micro Energy Production

Innovamus is introducing in 2024 a game-changing innovation that will provide universal access to clean, renewable energy resources at a reduced cost. This will greatly contribute to the global effort of decarbonizing the planet.


One Single Engine VM200

(190 cc) From 2,5 - 7 kW from 800-2500rpm
45 Kg

Two Engines  VM400

(400cc) 5-14 kW from 800-2500rpm
(20 kW from 3500 rpm high speed version)
110 Kg

Heavy Duty

From 70 to 399 kW. Engines are organized in Rack and are empowering an energetic community.

We present a tangible solution to the Electric Vehicle (EV) world. As pioneers in this realm, we can assure any EV owner the ability to recharge their vehicle at home, fostering complete independence from traditional fuel for operating our generator. To illustrate, the cost of Methanol, one of the possible fuels, is a mere 35 cents per liter in Finland. This demonstrates our commitment to enabling efficient, affordable, and self-sustainable EV usage.


A real solution. Immediate, easy to install.


Technical Suppliers & Commercial Partners

Innovamus TEAM


Founder / CEO

Professional racing driver background.
30 years presence in the automotive industry, specialized in laser lighting/OLED.
Since 2006 developing innovative technologies in hydrogen applications.
Inventor of 39 international patents.



Entrepreneur, founder, inventor of the 2 stroke engine oil-less technology.
CTO of the company.
He founded the company Arandi to deliver his invention of the ALP, one of the most important automotive international company in design.



Head of our financial department. Previously served as deputy manager in various Swiss banks, carrying out professional roles in different sectors including HR training and development, change management, wealth and business consultancy, asset team leadership, project management, financial fiduciary, and family office compliance management. Eight years ago, left the banking environment to establish, lead and manage several companies in Switzerland and the EU.


Strategic Investor

Investor, entrepreneur, started his career in racing engineering and electronics. Has developed several mapping systems and car control units. Has founded his company 46 years ago and since then performs in delivering hi-tech solutions to the automotive. Started already 10 years ago to work on engines conversion to deliver green solutions and today his group is leading the electronic and multi fuel engines.


N.E. Chairman

Maurizio Masi (born 1960) is a full professor of Applied Physical Chemistry at Politecnico di Milano. His research focuses on physical chemistry, reaction kinetics, and chemical reaction engineering, with a particular interest in sustainable and circular economy applications for materials production processes of advanced inorganic materials and technopolymers. He has published over 150 scientific papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals, written 4 books, and holds 10 international patents.


Board Member

A result oriented hands-on executive with 25+ years of successful track record in business leadership (business model transformation) and organization leadership, successfully applied to diverse business dynamics across a wide range of industries in both developed and emerging markets. latest occupations. CEO Etoile Group based in Dubai. PRESIDENT GUESS EMEA based in Lugano Switzerland. Procter & Gamble: GLOBAL VICE PRESIDENT BRAUN based in Geneva ASIA COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR CARREFOUR & DIA based in Shanghai


Technical Advisor

First Officer and Instructor in Naval Aeronautics. Creator and manager of 9 SMEs, specializing in the fields of motor sports, defense electronics, renewable energy, and corporate strategy consulting. Development of satellite navigation and tracking systems. Expertise in the entire process: R&D, integration, production, marketing, and implementation of technologies such as digital radio, satellite communication, satellite video conferencing, digital mapping, and C3I/C4I. Experience in government ministries. Founder of the Institute of Land Navigation (INT). PRISME CONSEIL: Strategic intelligence consultancy for SMEs. ÉNERGIE BIO SOLUTIONS Group: Studies and projects in solar energy. ENC & EDD: Unconventional Energy and Defense Electronics, Supplier to the Ministry of Interior and Defense for special forces and police units (RAID, GIGN, COS, DRM, DCRI...). Renamed HYPRAUSET & EDD in 2020.


Flexible power supply

Multi fuel two-stroke engine allows freedom fuel choice

For individuals and industries.
Grid connected/ non grid connected solutions.

For individuals and industries. Heat pump booster.

For individuals and industries. Air conditioning booster.

Range extender for hybrid and full EV vehicles.



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